Pet Hotel (jap. ペットのホテル Pet Hotel) ist das 113. Rätsel aus der amerikanischen und japanischen Version von Professor Layton und das geheimnisvolle Dorf. Nach dem Lösen des Rätsels erhält man 30 Pikarat.



A town not far from your home recently opened a ritzy hotel for pets. Can you guess what kind of animal is currently relaxing in Room 097? Move two matches to form the answer on the screen below.



Move two matchsticks and the name of the animal staying in the hotel room will appear. The word is three letters long.

The animal staying in room 097 is one you should be very familiar with. You might even have one yourself.

What animals can you spell with three letters? Dog? Well, yes, dog has three letters, but it's not the answer.


Falsche Antwort

Falsche Antwort

Give it another try!

This might seem obvious, but your answer will be the name of an animal.

Richtige Antwort

Richtige Antwort

Very nice! Ah, to be a pampered pet.


Die Lösung ist: CAT (Katze).